Calories in Ostrich

Calories in Ostrich

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Calories in Ostrich

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Ostrich Calories and Macronutrients

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Total Fat
Sat. Fat
Ostrich, fan, raw100 grams117021.82.71
Ostrich, ground, cooked, pan-broiled163024.46.61.7
Ostrich, ground, raw100 grams165020.28.72.2
Ostrich, inside leg, cooked1 serving120024.71.60.6
Ostrich, inside leg, raw1 serving940191.50.5
Ostrich, inside strip, cooked1 serving1390253.61.5
Ostrich, inside strip, raw100 grams127023.72.90.9
Ostrich, outside leg, raw100 grams115022.920.6
Ostrich, outside strip, cooked1 serving133024.33.31.2
Ostrich, outside strip, raw100 grams120023.42.20.8
Ostrich, oyster, cooked1 serving135024.53.41.4
Ostrich, oyster, raw100 grams125021.63.71.2
Ostrich, round, raw100 grams1160222.40.8
Ostrich, tenderloin, raw100 grams123022.13.21.2
Ostrich, tip trimmed, cooked1 serving123024.22.20.9
Ostrich, tip trimmed, raw100 grams114021.92.30.9
Ostrich, top loin, cooked1 serving132023.93.31.1
Ostrich, top loin, raw100 grams119021.731.2

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