Calories in Biscuit

Calories in Biscuit

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Biscuit Calories and Macronutrients

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Total Fat
Sat. Fat
Biscuit, with egg1 biscuit37331.911.622.14.7
Biscuit, with egg and bacon1 biscuit45828.61731.18
Biscuit, with egg and ham1 biscuit46135.220.4275.9
Biscuit, with egg and sausage1 biscuit58141.119.238.715
Biscuit, with egg, cheese, and bacon1 biscuit47733.416.331.411.4
Biscuit, with ham1 biscuit38643.813.418.411.4
Biscuit, with sausage1 biscuit4854012.131.814.2

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